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The "Reinventing Paris" call for projects should enable you to experiment and give concrete shape to the range of innovations that Paris needs. Far from limiting themselves merely to architectural audacity, says Jean-Louis Missika, your projects can address innovation in all its dimensions. The objective is not to innovate on all fronts but to seek out, for each site, the most pertinent type of innovation and reveal cutting-edge solutions.

First of all innovation in terms of usage, designing pluralistic buildings that are adaptable and intelligent. The rapid changes in city life styles call for innovation in ways of living, revealing shared and user-friendly spaces, in ways of working, thanks to co-working, teleworking, incubators of a new kind, and in ways of doing business, with shared showrooms, fablabs and ephemeral shops. Invent new services adapted to the health and ageing demands of Parisians.
Paris is facing massive environmental challenges that call for original solutions. Buildings demonstrate environmental innovation by revolutionizing energy production, consumption and recovery. By interacting intelligently with their block and the whole city, by integrating ecological materials, by experimenting with innovative planting and by achieving the target of "zero waste, zero carbon".

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Innovation also means investing in new spaces: basements, roofs, wasteland, the Périphérque and all the abandoned spaces that sometimes represent the future of our metropolis. Lastly, innovating is just as much doing something different as doing something differently: the whole project design can be a source of innovation. From the make-up of the team to consulting with local residents, from site management to financing. It's up to you to reinvent our ways of building today”. 

Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of town planning, architecture, the Greater Paris projects, economic development and attractiveness 

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It's up to you!

Startups, associations, investors, companies, collectives, artists... Take part in the Call for Innovative Urban Projects by indicating your interest or your project here. That way, other interested parties can contact you and join or form a team with you.

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