"The Paris Post, l’Esprit de Paris"


Paris is an object of desire, a celebration, the envy of the world. Millions of people dream of discovering the capital of elegance, tradition and savoir-vivre. Paris’ image is priceless. Yet image alone is not sufficient for its future development. London’s claim that it attracts more tourists than Paris should serve as a warning signal. Paris must act. She must first and foremost preserve and cultivate her reputation.

The Paris Post, the Spirit of Paris, will cover Paris Today, with articles reflecting the current zeitgeist, society, culture, leisure, with dynamic, incisive and concise text, thus providing the most complete digest of Paris news to its admirers.

Paris Lifestyle, with Fashion, art, food and gastronomy…in the broadest sense and off the beaten track. Discover the "French touch": shopping, cooking and wine, hair salons and spas. Explore the different worlds of Parisian art: museums, galleries, concerts and shows. Get to know Parisians, their talents and trends, through multiple profiles. Current events are supplemented by « magazine-style » content on Parisian life and French savoir-vivre.

And Paris Travel, presenting travel and activities for tourists and business travelers are presented in a new way: where to sight-see, but also where to  run in Paris; visit places not far from the capital (Chantilly, Versailles); go hiking in the Île-de-France region; or spend a day at the beach (Deauville, Etretat). Beaches on the Seine near Paris with bed & breakfasts and high-quality cottages offering one-of-a-kind accommodation.

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